19 July 2010

Update on Book Release Party

Here is a little more information about my upcoming release party for Judge of Israel on the 31 of July, 4-9 PM, 343 Community Lane, Sequim.

Among the things you can plan on enjoying if are able to make it are the following:

  • Israelite foods for you to sample, including: roast lamb, unfiltered barley beer, wine, flat bread, stuffed grape leaves, Lebanese olives, lentils, fava beans, traditional Lebanese cheese, fresh butter and a selection of traditional finger foods (figs, dates, pomegranates, apples, almonds, pistachios, grapes, raisins, watermelon, cucumber) and condiments (honeycomb, vinegar, olive oil)
  • A reading of an excerpt from the new book
  • A video presentation on everyday life in Iron Age Palestine
  • A video presentation on the fascinating connection between the stories of King David and King Arthur
  • Photo collections of locations in Palestine that correspond to scenes from the Eternal Throne Chronicles
  • Weapons and armor, including: bronze straight and sickle-swords, daggers, Mycenaean steel swords, a bronze Mycenaean shield, an oak bow and arrows in the style of ancient Canaan, spears, a replica of the sword of Goliath that King David carried
  • Replicas of clothing from the Biblical period
  • A collection of ancient coins that are mentioned in the Bible or depict people mentioned in the Bible
  • A kinnor lyre, similar to those used by the Israelites in David's day
  • A sample of ancient papyrus
  • A replica of the original scroll upon which the book of 1 Samuel was written (with archaic Hebrew writing)
  • A piece of ostraca engraved with archaic Hebrew writing
  • Dozens of books about life in Iron Age Palestine
All of the historical displays will be accompanied by museum-style printed explanations.

I hope to see you there!

Timothy S. Wilkinson

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