08 August 2010

"Judge of Israel" Book release party

Thanks to everyone who came to my book release party--and for all of you who wanted to come but couldn't make it. It was a huge success. I have now sold out the "limited edition" printing of Judge of Israel and am getting ready to order the second printing in the next couple of days. Thanks everyone who has purchased or requested a copy of the book. I've been filling orders furiously--shipped a copy of both books to Israel on Wednesday! If you don't want a signed copy, or you live close enough that you can bring it to me to sign, you can order a copy of the book here:

Here are some pictures from my recent release party for "Judge of Israel." I'm not sure if we remembered to take photos of the food--I hope so. If so, I'll post them later. The food was incredible--thanks to Chelsey, Hassana, Shalako, and Reina. And thank you, Stephanie, for letting us take over your home for the day.

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